Super Easy Video Preview Gif program can make a  great Animated GIF Preview of your video with just a click of the mouse!

Complicated programs with a million options and a steep learning curve are wasting time.

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    Built with Python, a language that is known for it's machine learning capabilities.
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    What's your time worth?  This program will save you hours and hours forever.
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    Batch processing is built right in, set hundreds of clips and walk away for lunch...

Technology Makes It Happen !!

The programming language Python was chosen due to it's machine learning capabilities and seamless integration with video manipulation tools such as FFMPEG.

Johnny Crypto 

Python wrangler


Saving time with ease of use wins here...

A more complicated program with control over every aspect might make a slightly better finished product but my time is valuable to me and I'm actually pleased.

Dana Mead

Software User Animated GIF Preview will translate to More Sales...full-stop, period !!

The built-in make GIF function on some sites makes a GIF that looks like stop-motion robots under a strobe light from the 1980's

Why spend 20-30 minutes selecting portions manually and then exporting to a program to convert to an Animated GIF when you can just do it with a click of a mouse? The batch option lets you do as many as you want with the same mouse click.

We've been there, done that and this program is the product of our frustration

It's so easy, you won't take shortcuts and just add a still image when you are in a hurry which = More Money because the Animated GIFs are way more effective.

I just made all of the clips below with a mouse click and just seconds of waiting...    Done.

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    Original 08 min clip
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    Completed - 16 sec
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    GIF Size is - 10 meg
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    Original 15 min clip
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    Completed - 07 sec
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    GIF Size is - 04 meg
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    Original 35 min clip
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    Completed - 24 sec
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    GIF Size is - 17 meg


One Payment! = Lifetime Use / Upgrades

This program works on PC using just about any version of Windows and will process MP4 & WMV video files.

Single File Processing

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    Click to start're done.
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    No recurring once, done.
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    Free Support to help you technically.

Multi File Batch Processing

Batch processing is easy...just put more files in the same folder and start the program. Files can be short 6-min clips or long 60-min features, the program will figure it out.

This tool will help you create video previews Super Fast

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